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Agricultural Engineering Research Institute (AERI)

Agricultural Engineering  Research Institute (AERI)


Agricultural Engineering Research Institute (AERI) was established in 1988. Objectives of the Institute are to conduct research on different aspects of agricultural engineering. The Institute also has a specialized library which contains more than 5000 books in English and Farsi in different fields of agricultural engineering and other related sciences. The Institute is equipped with a computer center for technical and statistical services required for the research projects. This Institute works on the following disciplines:

- Irrigation and drainage development

- Agricultural machinery and mechanization

- Food science and post harvest technology

- Research and technical services

Contact details:

Agricultural Engineering Research Institute

Shahid fahmide Blv., Karaj, Iran, Postal Code 31585-854
Tel: +98 26 32705242-32705320-32708359
Fax: +98 26 32706277 , +98 26 32704846

For more information:

Go through the Institute's Website

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