Monday, June 17, 2019


Agricultural Research ,Education and Extension Organization (AREEO) is the largest responsible body for agricultural research and education in Iran.

The establishment of some agricultural research institutes in Iran dates back to more than 90 years ago. Among these institutes, Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute (1924), Animal Science Research Institute (1933), Plant Pests and Diseases Research Institute (1943), and Seed and Plant Improvement Institute (1959) could be named as pioneer research institutes.

In 1975, the Agricltural and Natural Resources Research Organization (ANRRO) was established as a central entity to formulate policies, make decisions on research priorities and coordinate the activities of the existing research institutes.

In 1990, ANRRO was reorganized and merged with Agricultural Education Organization and Extension Directorate, creating a new organization naming Agricultural Research, Education and Extension Organization (AREEO) with the responsibility in the fields of Research, Education and Extension.

In  2001, the two Ministries of Agriculture and Jihad Construction  merged  together,  creating the new Ministry of Jihad-e-Agriculture. Therefore, the responsibility of research institutes of the two Ministries, comprising 28 research institutes, were entrusted to AREEO.

In 2002, the Extension mandate of AREEO was transferred to a new Deputy in the Ministry of Jihad-e-Agriculture and AREEO restructured  to Agricultural Research and Education organization.

In 2007 the Extension mandate was transferred back again to AREO and it continues now to its mission as one of the deputies of Agricultural Research, Education & Extension Organization(AREEO).

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